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Crash Party is no stranger to rocking the dancefloor with his sample driven, funkified, dancefloor friendly tracks. 'Sounds Like This' is a great introduction to his forthcoming album 'Everything Happens For A Reason' where Crash flexes his crate digging, sample hunting muscles to bring together a collection of tracks that will suit most modern breaks and funk edit DJ's record boxes, while keeping true to his Big Beat inspiration style.

'Sounds Like This' brings together catchy piano hooks with soaring horn leads and an infectious beats and vocal grooves to get the dance moving.

Backing this release is an instrumental / dub version of the lead track, for DJs to add their own creativity to in the mix. A Drum 'n' Bass remix of 'Right On', the original version being one of the tracks from the upcoming album, but flipped for the more upbeat lover of the old skool jump-up sound. Finally, 'Get Ready' rounds out the EP with a pounding Breakbeat / 303 workout to satisfy the most thirsty crowd.

Crash Party - Sounds Like This EP

Crash Party - Sounds Like This"

Crash Party - Sounds Like This (Inst)"

Crash Party - Right On (Remix)"

Crash Party - Get Ready"